A Shabby Chic Living Room – Decorating On a Budget

Have smart thoughts when you want to decorate a room cheaply and nicely. Some people believe that redecorating a living room will involve a big budget plan. It is not true if you can pick the affordable accessories, furniture and knickknacks. It’s not essential to buy big budget items to make your home look nice.

You can choose used or antique furniture or decor that you can find at yard sales or thrift shops. When you purchase distressed pieces of decor you are able to change your living area into the shabby chic decor. The space will be elegant for you can put rose chintz, gilt edges, charming whitewashed wooden coffee table and comfortable couch.

Pastel and Light Colors

A living area decorated in shabby chic will look a lot bigger with a light colored color scheme. Paint your walls in classic or vintage white. Paint your crown molding and window ledges in classic chalk paint in light colors. The uneven finish, rough texture and distressed tone characterize the shabby chic painting style.

Vintage Items

It is not necessary to spend big bucks on brand new furniture. Achieving the shabby chic decor, just change the pieces that you already have at home. Take a classic side table that is white and make it interesting by adding a lamp next to it with an old red brocade shade. Use an old slipcover or quilt to cover up a fancy sofa. The wooden trunk coffee table is excellent to adorn with tarnished silver tray, an antique vase and pink roses.

Flowers and Fruit

Shabby chic interiors can be made even better with one of a kind prints. The floral and fruit prints are the two most popular ones. Drape a pink floral curtain on white windows. Match it with a copper finished rod. If you are bored with floral pattern, replace it with fruit curtain. In addition, you set a cream colored bowl and fill it with pears, red apples and peaches on a top of rustic wooden table.


The white and pink furnishing will blend well with a crystal chandelier. If the price of this lighting fixture is too expensive for you, purchase a secondhand wrought iron candle chandelier. Combining medieval era with rustic Victorian cottage era blends together to become shabby chic. Repaint in gold or silver finish. If you need a new lampshade, the shape is nice in scallop one for unique quality. The lampshade can be made of burlap, feather, or ruffled lace to enhance shabby chic beauty.

A frilly lamp shade that is covered in beads paired with a rustic bookcase with the paint peeling away somehow comes together to look very good together and retains a sense of balance. Sounds complicated, but it’s really not.

The living room is a good place to start with the shabby chic style. The living area is a multi-purpose room that can be used as a place to entertain, hang out with family, and sometimes even eat dinner. So how do you tie in all the elements of shabby chic together with all the elements of your living room? It’s easy-just do whatever it is that you want!

Let’s get this out of the way, shabby chic doesn’t mean make the room as girly and feminine as possible. Painting the walls pink and dolling your couch up in ribbon may be what you’re wanting but don’t feel forced into it. Shabby chic style can be created with a blue chipped TV stand and an antique lamp will work just as well as something girly. Colors that work best with the shabby chic style are pastel and pale because they are the most relaxing in a space that is made to relax in. Paint your walls a calming and happy color to start and then piece in your furniture from there.

Always remember when shopping for furniture: yard sales and secondhand stores are not enemies and your decor does not have to be brand new. In fact, the more worn in the piece, the more cozy it will fit in your space. Local secondhand stores are a wonderful place to find amazing pieces that has been loved for generations and has a lot of character as well. But make sure the piece is in good shape before purchasing. Worn and well-loved is good; broken and dirty does not need to come into your house.

If you’re handy and creative, pieces that are broken and considered garbage to others can become new prized possessions to display in your living room with just the right amount of fixing and painting. A mirror that has been left by the side of the road can get a fresh coat of paint of the frame and placed over the couch for only a couple of dollars. The best part about shabby chic that most do not know is that it is eco-friendly. As many who take hold of this style use furniture from hand me downs. Furniture found in the trash is now proudly displayed in your living room.

Rule number two:make sure the room makes you happy when you enter it. As previously stated, shabby chic is what you make of it. Carefully choose whatever pieces you’d like in your space, and take it from there. Shabby chic is “shabby” in that many of the pieces are worn in and cozy, and “chic” in that they still all somehow look great together. You have the power to make your living room amazing with the shabby chic style.